Meloxicam and Weight Gain

Jessica Sanders   April 17, 2016  

One of the most common questions patients ask their doctors are “Can Meloxicam cause weight gain?” One study showed that a small number of people experienced weight gain while using Meloxicam. The study consisted of over 12,000 people and 269 of them experienced some weight gain. The study showed that this occurred mostly in women who were 60 years or older. If you are experiencing weight gain you should consult your doctor. Unexplained rapid weight gain is one of the known side effects of this medicine and is listed as one of the symptoms of an overdose. Other overdose symptoms are as follows:

severe stomach pain
slow or rapid heartbeat
swelling that occurs around the eyes lips the face and the tongue
skin rash
chest pain
throat pain
upper stomach pain
blue skin
blue lips
blue fingernails

If you are experiencing any of these side effects it is recommended that you contact your physician immediately.

If you are taking any other medications, it would be wise to create a list of all the prescription and non prescription drugs that you are using, whether they be over the counter or prescribed. This also includes dietary supplements that you may be using as well as any vitamins or minerals. When you visit your doctor you should bring in this list so you can review all of the prescription and non-prescription medications with him, or her that you are using. Make it a point to keep this information with you at all times in case of emergencies.